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Feedback…..On to the next!

Following our summer event, we recently reconvened to review the evaluation forms that were kindly completed on the day and to put our heads together to start planning the next event.


In answer to ‘what topics would you like to see at future events?’ teaching tips and practical ways to implement information literacy principles were overwhelmingly top of the list.  This was closely followed by a demand for information on building an effective social media presence and also presentations on library marketing tips and ways to encourage user engagement.   Mindful of this feedback, our autumn event will strive to focus on these areas.

We are hopeful to keep aspects of the format of the last event that received positive comments, e.g. not too many speakers, not a full day 9-5 (to avoid information overload) and to maintain and develop further the focus on practical skills.  We continue to welcome feedback on the dynamic of the day, and are eager for this to be a network in a comprehensive sense – so all of your contributions are wanted and valued! Links to the presentations from the summer event can be found below, so feel free to refresh your memories and tell us what you think:

Rosie Jones. IL in at the deep end:

Sam Bail. From zero to WordPress in 60 Minutes:

Simon Barron. E Resources for Dummies:

We are aiming for a November weekend, with the exact date and venue to be confirmed in the coming weeks.  In the meantime there are lots of library events on the horizon nationally.  The four of us have registered to attend Library Camp in Birmingham, and will be travelling to the mighty Toon for CILIP’s Big Day in Newcastle City Library in September. On the Twitter grapevine, it looks like many of those who came to the summer event will be attending. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Catherine @catmcmanamon


The NLPN transport for library camp……… Helen: You’re driving.


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