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I was invited to 4 interviews in the course of my job-hunting, 3 of those interviews included a practical element. 2 were for school libraries (I wasn’t able to attend the first due to a medical appointment and the second was after I’d accepted a job offer); both asked me to lead a discussion group with various pupils. The interview that I attended asked me to design a 10 minute presentation introducing the library to a large group of students in their first few weeks of Uni. You can see my presentation here.PhotoFunia-1524510_o

It makes sense to me to include a practical element in library interviews; it’s a practical job and it must make assessment and selection of candidates easier. My interview presentation had a definite purpose; one aspect of my role is to form part of a project group that is reviewing the library induction and hopefully making it simpler and more effective. I tried to keep my presentation as simple as possible, I didn’t want to be rushing through it on the day but I also vaguely remember being an undergraduate and there is so much to take in on the first few weeks of Uni that I don’t see any value in bombarding students with information about loan entitlements.

As I’ve only prepared one presentation for interview I don’t feel particularly qualified to write a lot of tips on how to present successfully. If you’ve got more experience than me, please feel free to share advice in the comments! I tried to keep it simple, for my own peace of mind as much as anything else. I didn’t want to have to remember a detailed script as it would have made my nerves ten times worse. One bit of advice I would give is to remember to also prepare for the interview part of the day, especially if they will be equally weighted in the decision-making process. Helen’s blogpost on interviews gives more detailed advice, and I used the questions she lists to practice my answers. 

Our next event will look at preparing for interviews and we hope that attendees will leave the day feeling prepared for the job market. More details to follow! 

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