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A great week for advocacy for the profession :D

If you haven’t seen them there have been two pieces in the media this week advocating for our profession. This is both exciting and refreshing to see positive pieces gaining media attention which recognise the value of libraries and information professionals. The first is the CILIP press release “”Every secondary school in the UK should have a good library” – call by MPs and Peers”. This sentence made us particularly happy: “If every school has a well-resourced, properly staffed, fit for purpose library that is a key part of their strategies it will make a huge contribution to young people’s educational attainment”.

This can be read on CILIP’s website and was also picked up by The BBC and The Guardian.


The second piece was Caitlin Moran’s article in Stylish magazine:

“We must keep our libraries open, especially in a rainy country where there are only two places to be: your house or the shopping centre. And if your house is unhappy or you don’t have enough money, libraries are places where you’re valued for being intelligent and curious.

The argument for closing them, other than needing to save money, is that there are declining amounts of people who use them, but we need more public spaces. Just add a coffee shop, which would help subsidise it, and more tables so people who want to work from home could go and work there and what a f*cking clever, sexy, amazing thing that would be.”

Lastly, we will be keeping an eye out for developments on the Public Library Festival which will demonstrate the creativity and innovation happening in public libraries – this promises to be a fantastic event so watch this space!!


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