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Summer Event: Interview Skills – A review

On Saturday 19th July, NLPN held our most recent event at The Friends Meeting House in Central Manchester. The event focused on interview skills, with expert advice from David Stewart and Neil Donohue. The day also featured an opportunity for network members to present on a topic of their choosing, in front of their peers, thus gaining valuable experience in public speaking.

David Stewart discusses interview tips

David Stewart discusses interview tips

David Stewart shared a valuable insight into the interview process from both sides of the interview table. David’s session highlighted a common sense approach and the importance of pre-interview preparation. To complement David’s workshop, Neil Donohue discussed presentations and the importance of providing a clear and well-timed message.

Neil Donohue discusses interview presentations

Neil Donohue discusses interview presentations

The experience shared by the two professional presenters highlighted that whilst there is no exact science to a successful interview, preparation should not be under-estimated and in order to maximise your potential, you should use the support system around you (e.g. asking a friend or colleague to listen to your presentation or proof read your application form).

Interspersed between the two keynote speakers were the member presentations, where four members of the network provided three presentations on a library project that they had developed or completed. Evelyn Webster discussed the challenge of consolidation a library into a smaller space, Helen Gaffney & Nicola Grayson highlighted the evolving role of the Information professional at the Alan Gilbert Learning Commons (The University of Manchester) and Emily Wheeler explored the challenges and benefits to setting up a library society at the University of Sheffield; a society that created a positive impact on both the university and local community. These presentations touched on the skills needed to establish a service or implement a change. The presentations blended well with the keynote presentations by highlighting a set of skills that new professionals can cultivate in the workplace and through CPD.

Evelyn Webster, a new professional presenter, discusses the challenges of a library move.

Evelyn Webster, a new professional presenter, discusses the challenges of a library move.

Aside from the brilliant presentations and advice given on the day, it is worth mentioning that the atmosphere at the event was relaxed and supportive. It is inspiring to see that so many new professionals are willing to use their weekends to enhance their skills and build their own networks.

We would like to thank CILIP’s Health Libraries Group (HLG) for kindly sponsoring the day and thus enabling the event to be free for all attendees.

We look forward to see you all at our next event.



2 comments on “Summer Event: Interview Skills – A review

  1. Red
    July 28, 2014

    Thanks for sharing! Want more tips? Engage – What NOT To Do When Presenting . Verity can help you be a great public speaker!

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