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Job shadowing opportunities

Are you curious about other library sectors?  Want to see a day in the life of a librarian? Job shadowing might be the answer!

At our NLPN Winter 2017 event, Penny Andrews came up with this great idea:

Librarians/info pros – if you would be okay with new professionals and (prospective?) lib students shadowing you, tweet @NLPN_ #nlpnwinter

— Penny Andrews👨🏻‍🎤 (@pennyb) February 18, 2017

It seems to us that the simplest way to enable this is to create a list of librarians who are willing to allow aspiring librarians to shadow them. If you would like to be added to the list below, please email us or DM us. We will need your name, job title, location and preferred contact details. As you’ll see on the list, we’ll disguise your email address.

We will periodically check in with the people on the list to see if circumstances have changed. If you are on the list and would like to be removed, please contact us as above.

Now the list has some members, it’s over to the shadowers! Remember, these people have specifically volunteered to be on the list and would love to help so don’t be scared. You will learn throughout your career that librarians are some of the most helpful people you will ever meet.

Name Job title Location Preferred contact details 
Michelle Bond Academic Liaison Librarian for the Faculty of Engineering and Computing Coventry michelle[dot]bond[at]
Emily Wheeler Learning Advisor Leeds e[dot]wheeler[at]
Ned Potter Academic Liaison Librarian York ned[dot]potter[at]
Peter Smith Research Support Librarian Sheffield P[dot]R[dot]smith[at]
Matt Imrie School Librarian Chislehurst (Bromley, SE London) mimrie[at]
Jen Bayjoo Information Services Librarian (Open Access) Leeds j[dot]b[dot]bayjoo[at]
Katie Birkwood Rare books and special collections London (NW) Katie[dot]birkwood[at]
Claire Sewell Research Support Skills Coordinator Cambridge Ces43[at]
Ian Clark Subject Librarian (Psychology) Stratford (London, SE) i[dot]clark[at]
Jo Wood Librarian Bloomsbury (London) Jo[dot]wood[at]
Lucy Evans Assistant Librarian, Special Collections Liverpool lucy[dot]evans[at]
Mike Ewen Library Online Co-Ordinator Hull michael[dot]ewen[at]
Binni Brynolf Digital Resources Librarian London bbrynolf[at]
Alison McNab Academic Librarian (Research Support) Huddersfield A[dot]McNab[at]
Emily Hurt Clinical Librarian Preston emily[dot]hurt[at]
Claire Loake Subject Librarian Northamptonshire claire[dot]loake[at]
Ruth MacMullen Copyright & Licences Officer York r[dot]macmullen[at]
Helen Monagle Serials Librarian Manchester h[dot]monagle[at]
Sarah May Research Data Co-ordinator Manchester s[dot]may[at]
Sarah Hume Reader Services Officer (Museum Library) South West London Shume[at]
Rachel Fell Senior Assistant Librarian (Subject Librarian – English) Manchester r[dot]fell[at]
Leanne Workman Information Consultant (Sciences) Egham, Surrey Leanne[dot]workman[at]
Christine Tate Electronic Resources Assistant Manchester Christine[dot]tate[at]
Helen Worrell Archaeology and Tylor Anthropology Librarian, Bodleian Libraries Oxford Helen[dot]worrell[at]
Helen Stocker Librarian & Learning Support Co-Ordinator Manchester Hstocker[at]

Useful resources

NHS Library Knowledge Services: Job Shadowing – this page contains a list of links and resources on job shadowing in the NHS.

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